Orange & Grey

We had a vision of creating a range of lifestyle products that made people feel capable, empowered, strong and positive. We hoped every Orange & Grey customer and anyone who came into contact with one of our products felt the strong arms of a fearless tribe around them.

The name Orange & Grey links back to feeling and colour psychology - orange being a nurturing, warm, energetic and courageous colour and grey typically balanced, calm and still.  Coupled with the understanding that at any time, in anyone’s life, there are points in which that individual will feel powerful, energetic, confident and positive and then times when that grey cloud of self-doubt, panic and vulnerability hits.

The psychology of motivational statements and quotes translates so well across any demographic but in particular we want our audience to be people like us - mothers, entrepreneurs, friends, individuals with their own quirks - we understand that audience because it's who we are. We want to give people the words to use when they can't always find the words themselves.

We are so grateful for you joining us on this journey. Please tag us on social media with #mytribeisfearless so we can give you virtual hugs and props for days! 

Ellie & Angie x