BEST A6 postcard (PINK)

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Don't be so tough on yourself - we all have days where we feel like we're failing, but guess what, those days happen - the most important thing is just do do the best you can do, when you can, with what you've got.

It's important to remember that we are wives, mothers, friends, business people, entrepreneurs, employees, care-givers, nurturers... you can't be all things to all people all of the time. Take a moment to appreciate yourself and what you've accomplished and make sure the people in your life recognise too that you don't always have to BE the best, as long as you are DOING your best. You are doing enough, you are enough.


  • Comes landscape in A6 on smooth pink 330gsm card, beautifully wrapped and posted first class every Friday morning in recycled cardboard envelope.

  • Traditional postcard back ideal for posting, perfect as an affirmation card, awesome as an occasion card, to hang in your home or to attach to a present.

  • We also offer the postcard framed.